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Is the Small Ball card pack in MLB The Show 16 worth buying?

By on @pastapadre

Today the sixth special limited-time pack of the season made its way into MLB The Show 16. For the most part these have proven to be questionable investments, as the promise of “increased chances” at pulling higher valued cards has remained pretty hollow. Increasing already miniscule odds by slight amounts does not justify paying at over five times the price of a standard pack.

The new “Small Ball” pack includes six player cards that may contain any of three unspecified “players that don’t need to swing for the fences.” There’s also the supposed doubled odds of drawing Golds/Diamonds and the packs contain the first opportunity to grab some new Legend, Prime, and Rookie Flashback cards. So is this a pack worth purchasing?

Unfortunately this is probably the least appealing pack of the season to this point. The small ball players and the flashbacks aren’t ones that will really be all that sought after on the marketplace. The current values of the new cards are not anywhere near those from past special packs and will likely be quick to drop from where they stand now. The Legend card for Robin Yount was even already obtainable by completing the “Blasts from the Past” mission which involves collecting 500 hits with players from the past to unlock.

While anyone could still get lucky (which is true of any pack) for the 3,000 Coins this one is not a smart buy compared to spending the same amount on standard packs that would provide 18 cards and 6 bonus item cards, putting it towards desired players in the marketplace, or saving for later.

Added to the player pool today:

Legend: Robin Yount, SS, Brewers, 93 Overall Rating
Current marketplace price: 41,000


Prime: Ian Desmond, SS, Nationals, 88 Overall Rating
Current marketplace price: 55,000


Prime: Asdrubal Cabrera, SS, Indians, 86 Overall Rating
Current marketplace price: 59,000


Prime: Andrelton Simmons, SS, Braves, 85 Overall Rating
Current marketplace price: 28,000


Rookie: Matt Carpenter, 3B, Cardinals, 82 Overall Rating
Current marketplace price: 5,500