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MLB The Show 17 – Buddy Bell Review

By on @SnaggleJ

Welcome back to another MLB The Show 17 Diamond Dynasty card review. Today I’m taking a look at 93 Overall All-Star Buddy Bell. This card can be acquired by completing the 40-man collection for the Texas Rangers setting you back between 50K-60K Stubs depending on market conditions. He is not available in the marketplace and will be locked to your inventory once acquired.

At the plate Bell boasts 90+ contact ratings against both sides with above average power against righties and that 97 Vision rating ensures he doesn’t swing and miss very often. In the field Bell uses his 94 Fielding, 87 Arm Strength and 84 Arm Accuracy to provide you with a very solid Third Basemen or even Shortstop if you choose to use him at his secondary position like I do.


– High Contact & Vision
– Decent Power vs. Righties
– Plus-plus defense at both 3B and SS
– Getting him also gets you Beltre, Darvish, Lucroy, Hamels


– Below average Power vs. Lefties
– Requires locking all Rangers cards to collection

Bell is a phenomenal all-around card. Honestly I don’t think there is a better way to spend that quantity of Stubs right now. You get the high quality Gold players that the Rangers possess plus Bell, giving you two SPs, a catcher and a solid left side of the infield if choosing to play Bell at SS. You can also go after the Team Epic 97 Ian Kinsler once you nab the Bell, giving you yet another excellent player to add to your stable.

Make sure you check out my full review in the video below. If there is a particular card you would like me to review next, make sure to hit me up on Twitter @SnaggleJ.