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Rocket League in The Film Room

By on @pastapadre

Rocket League is the breakout hit of 2015, combining sports, action, and teamwork in a way that has captivated hundreds of thousands of fans. As a racing-soccer hybrid, it’s a unique type of sports game that has been seen only rarely over the last decade – one that is not appealing only to sports gaming fans, but to most anyone who likes to have fun playing video games.

In the third episode of The Film Room, Bryan Wiedey and T.J. Lauerman tackle the basics of Rocket League, including strategy, tactics, and the differences between playing 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3. Whether you’re a Rocket League vet or someone who has yet to jump in, this episode has something for everyone.

The Film Room is a Hit The Pass feature that examines key moments of our favorite sports game experiences. We attempt to get into the head of the player to try and determine what their strategy was, what they were thinking, what worked, and what didn’t. What could have been done differently? What can be taken away from this experience and improved in the future?