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Steph Curry reaching historical heights in NBA 2K

By on @pastapadre

As the reigning MVP, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry entered NBA 2K16 rated 93 Overall. That was good enough for second in the league behind only LeBron James.

Curry’s individual performance coupled with the incredible 46-4 record for the Warriors has allowed him to climb in ratings to a level few would have predicted even with all the hardware that went his way last season. With this year’s new ratings system in NBA 2K16 that takes into account all the players from the history of the league it holds far more significance.

The first major milestone this season was reached in late November when Curry passed by James. It was the first time that James had not held the top spot in the NBA 2K series since 2010.

NBA 2K16 Stephen Curry

With a move up to 97 Overall last week this-point-in-time Curry rates out as the second best of all-time. He trails only Michael Jordan, who has seasons rated 99 Overall and 98 Overall, and ties with the peak seasons from Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and LeBron James.

Curry is considered to be the best three-point shooter of all-time, with 99 ratings in both Standing 3PT and Moving 3PT attributes. There are four and six point gaps respectively from him to the runner-up in those categories, though it would probably be closer if not for the absence of Reggie Miller from the game. He also has a 98 in Ball Control, which puts him second all-time behind only Jason Williams.

The real scary thing about this rise for Stephen Curry is that he may not have reached his ceiling yet. For the video game however he’ll probably need to see improvement on defense and in some physical attributes to move up to 98 Overall as he’s nearly maxed out in the areas of shooting, dribbling, and passing.