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We play Pro-Am in NBA 2K16

By on @pastapadre

The 2K Pro-Am acts as a big new¬†feature introduced with NBA 2K16. The mode finally works on PS4 following last week’s patch – which Xbox One is still waiting on – meaning its now possible to play as walk-ons or as teams utilizing the court and uniform customization features.

For the first Hit The Pass Pro-Am game Bryan Wiedey and Rich Grisham provide some commentary and are joined by “sticks323”, “stAhL_94”, and “DirtyShoeLaundry” to field a full five.

Rich struggles with his camera angle – we found out later pressing right on the D-Pad brings up camera options – and the team keeps things competitive despite being at a disadvantage in terms of size and ratings. Unfortunately despite four attempts we never got to play as the home team.