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Will NBA 2K16 be the rebirth of college sports games?

By on @pastapadre

College sports video games have been dead for years, and their potential return looks to still be a ways off in the distance. But what if a college presence could be offered within one of the games representing the professional leagues?

It appears that may be on the horizon with NBA 2K16. A leak of the game’s achievements revealed that there will be a college element to MyCareer Mode. Additionally, the Collegiate Licensing Company shows 2K Sports as licencees for 11 universities – the purpose of which to use in video games. It’s entirely possible to now see a small, but potentially powerful, collegiate basketball experience inside the ever-popular NBA simulation.

Rich, Bryan, and Owen discuss the ramifications of what this news could mean for NBA 2K16, and how it fits into the bigger picture of college-based video games as a whole.