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Press Row Podcast: NBA 2K’s antagonistic relationship with fans on social media

By on @pastapadre

NBA 2K17 is now just 27 days away from release. Very little is known about the game, and that’s a departure from the norm this close to a product coming out – particularly one with the massive popularity of NBA 2K.

Naturally fans are seeking out info, but not only are they failing to find it on social media, they’re being treated with a level of contempt by official reps for 2K Sports simply because they want to know about the game they’re planning to spend $60 or more on next month.

Bryan Wiedey, Rich Grisham, and Owen Good discuss the situation and long-running antagonistic relationship between 2K Sports and their followers on social media.

On the show this episode:

Bryan Wiedey (@pastapadre), Pastapadre/Hit The Pass/Sporting News
Owen Good (@owengood), Polygon
Rich Grisham (@RichGrisham), Out of the Park Developments

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