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Welcome back to The Highlight Room, where the best user-submitted sports gaming highlights will be showcased on a regular basis going forward. If you missed the first edition make sure to check that out!

For those looking for assistance in creating GIF or Vine highlights we’ve laid out a walkthrough of the process here. You can now even submit your highlight links in the form on this page!

Starting with this edition of THR, the user who submits the highlight that collects the most votes over the following week will be awarded a $5 Amazon Gift Card. Hit The Pass contributors are not eligible for the prize – it’ll always go to the highest voted community member!

10Walking off Neshek in online Diamond Dynasty

Submitted by Jerkfacefave

9Big game for Gus

Submitted by GusRamsey

8Eagle from 57 yards out

Submitted by RichGrisham

7Austin Jackson diving catch

Submitted by Pastapadre

6Rooney from distance

Submitted by Pomohawk

5Danny Farquhar's spinning, back-handed snag

Submitted by Pastapadre

4One great save was not enough

Submitted by Pomohawk

3Robbing the 13th inning walk-off home run

Submitted by Jerkfacefave

26-4-3-2 Triple Play

Submitted by ThatSportsGamer

1Honda Cheeky Back Heel Goal

Submitted by jsherm23
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