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Complete Series Analysis


Stephen Curry averaged 30 points, 7 assists, and 3 rebounds on 57% shooting and nearly 3 ½ threes per game to win Finals MVP. Andrew Bogut notably averaged 14 points and 10 rebounds. Harrison Barnes was deadly from three-point range, hitting on 17 out of 20 attempts. For the Cavs it was, more than anything, the “LeBron Show”. He averaged 37 points a game.

Throughout most of the series the statistical categories were near even for both teams. When one was able to break away, even in just a single category, that tended to be the difference in victory and defeat. That was seen particularly in fast break points, three-pointers made, and free throws attempted.

LeBron James was too physical for the Warriors. He often made contested shots and bullied his way to a score. The show he put on in game six was something that needed to be seen to be believed. He didn’t always get help from the supporting cast though. Kyrie Irving was spectacular at times but disappeared or missed a lot of outside shots in the losses. J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert showed flashes but were mostly inconsistent. The low-post players were generally outplayed by their counterparts on Golden State.

Regular Season MVP and Finals MVP Stephen Curry was fantastic after a disappointing series opener. He did it despite Klay Thompson’s streakiness and extended struggles in the final three games of the series, and Draymond Green (5 PPG, 12 RPG) producing nothing on offense. He was a black hole out there but at least he cleaned up on the boards. The unsung hero was Andrew Bogut who was able to dominate on the offensive boards and score, often while being fouled.

This was a more even series than anticipated. The Cavs didn’t make it easy, but the Warriors were finally able to explode in the deciding game and come away as the 2014-15 NBA Champions.

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