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10 Diamond Dynasty budget starting pitchers in MLB The Show 16

By on @ThatSportsGamer

Recently, Millennium (Forum Admin at OperationSports) and I decided to start a weekly show on Twitch centered on MLB The Show 16. Among the topics discussed – budget starting pitchers in the game’s Diamond Dynasty mode.

While it would be great to roll out a rotation of Kershaw, Bumgarner, Arrieta, Sale and Price, not everyone can afford that. We decided to take a look at 10 budget starting pitchers that you can have now for under 1,000 Stubs each:

ThatSportsGamer’s Picks:

  • Garrett Richards (Angels)
  • Jake Odorizzi (Rays)
  • Cliff Lee (Free Agent)
  • Justin Verlander (Tigers)
  • Michael Wacha (Cardinals)

Millennium’s Picks:

  • Doug Fister (Astros)
  • Alex Cobb (Rays)
  • Francisco Liriano (Pirates)
  • Rich Hill (Athletics)
  • Colin McHugh (Astros)

To hear our reasoning behind the choices (and a couple bonus picks) check out Bullpen Banter, our weekly show dedicated to MLB The Show, Mondays at 10pm ET on Twitch.tv/ThatSportsGamer.

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