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About Hit the Pass


Hit The Pass celebrates sports video games and how they connect us to our favorite real world teams, players, and events. We use video, audio, and written content from a network of people that love these games of today, yesterday, and – hopefully – tomorrow. Over time, that network will grow to include more diverse backgrounds and opinions. We discuss topics from multiple perspectives, including the people who buy them and make them. Ultimately, as technology rapidly changes, we hope to help them evolve to an even better state.

Hit The Pass is not a news or reviews site, nor is it a forum; there are already several great places to get that today. Rather, we take a look at things from a slightly different perspective; personal stories that affect us and our community, the social nature of modern sports games, the nostalgic romance of games of the past, and whatever else we come up with that would resonate with those who enjoy them.

Mostly, we’re about having fun and sharing stories. Sure, we’ll be critical when the situation warrants, but there’s plenty of snark and cynicism on the internet already. We hope our little corner of the world provides some entertainment and, even better, brings more people into the fold to discover just how much enjoyment these games provide. Because we’re all a little better off that way.

Got feedback for us? Want to contribute? Have an idea for something you’d like to see? Drop us a line at ‘hello@hitthepass.com’ or send us a Tweet at @hitthepass. We’d love to hear from you.