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Breaking down the PSX debut trailer for MLB The Show 17

By on @ThatSportsGamer

Last weekend at Sony’s latest PlayStation Experience event we were trated to the first meaty trailer for MLB The Show 17. Some of the interesting tidbits found in the trailer include a new historical stadium (Yankee Stadium 1973-2008), new legends (Roberto Alomar and Jason Giambi in addition to Ken Griffey Jr.), and a glimpse at the brand new ‘Retro Mode.’

In this segment from Bullpen Banter, my weekly broadcast centered on MLB The Show, I’m joined by Operation Sports moderator MillenniumOS and SnaggleJ to sort through the trailer and point out every detail of interest to fans of the series that can be identified.

You can watch the entire episode of Bullpen Banter on YouTube.com/ThatSportsGamer and check out the show live on Twitch every Monday night at 10ET.