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Drafting for the first time in NHL 17’s Draft Champions

By on @pastapadre

Draft Champions is being introduced into the NHL series this year and here’s a look at the very first time drafting a team in the mode with NHL 17. The first step is to select a “Theme” and then there are 12 rounds of player selections.


Themes determine which players will be made available to you during your 12 round draft and will also be used to generate a base team before the draft stats.  Your base team will be made up of low to mid-tier players who fit your selected theme. Draft Champions’ themes will be updated throughout the year to keep the mode fresh and exciting during the hockey season.


Players choose between four players in each round, and with a limited number of rounds, each pick matters. Each player selected will be an upgrade over the base team, and Draft Champions will give players tough decisions in every round. Every draft will feature a variety of players so your final team will almost always look different. Shape your team how you wish, if you enjoy playing a run and gun style then select speeders and snipers; if you like to play a defensive style, load up of high-end defenseman and two-way forwards – the choice is yours.