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Getting Better at NBA 2K16: Da Czar teaches the Pick and Roll

By on @richgrisham

We love NBA 2K16 around these parts. One of the reasons is its depth of gameplay; you can do all sorts of things in 2K16 once getting a comfortable grasp on the key controls. Take the pick and roll, for example; it’s a fundamental aspect of the real NBA as well as the video game. Understanding how and when to run it, and the variations that it offers, can be the difference between struggling or strutting on the court.

Of course, learning those controls can be a challenge, so we invited Nino “Da Czar” Samuel over to walk Rich through the fundamentals of running the pick and roll. Da Czar is, of course, a designer on NBA 2K16, responsible for the overall offensive philosophy and artificial intelligence in the game. He explains how the pick and roll works, ways to modify player interactions, and nifty tools to take advantage of flexibility that many will not have known was even there.

If you are playing – or ever plan to play – NBA 2K16, this video is required viewing. Enjoy!