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How should publishers react to the misdeeds of players?

By on @pastapadre

Video game publishers have a tough job sometimes, and the growing epidemic of player misconduct – alleged and proven – make things harder than ever. On Friday Deadspin published a report that included photographs and additional details on the alleged assault perpetrated by Greg Hardy on a former girlfriend. That same day former quarterback Donovan McNabb was sentenced to jail time for his second DUI.

The award for bad timing goes to EA Sports who, also on Friday, in Madden NFL 16 raised the ratings for Hardy and promoted the introduction of McNabb into the Ultimate Team and Draft Champions modes.

With EA having acted on the off-the-field transgressions of a few players in the past, removing the likes of Aaron Hernandez and Ray Rice, it raises the question of whether there is any obligation on the part of publishers to alter the manner in which the players are represented in video games or remove them from the games altogether.

Bryan and Rich discuss a difficult subject, and whether publishers have any social responsibility to handle troubled players in a different manner.

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