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MLB 15: The Show in The Film Room

By on @pastapadre

The Film Room is a Hit The Pass feature that examines key moments of our favorite sports game experiences. We attempt to get into the head of the player to try and determine what their strategy was, what they were thinking, what worked, and what didn’t. What could have been done differently? What can be taken away from this experience and improved in the future?

We play a lot of head-to-head matchups here at Hit The Pass; the games are intense, fun, and full of success and failure. Just like real-world coaches do on a regular basis, The Film Room gives us a chance to take a step back, examine the entire situation, discuss what was happening, and break things down. We’ve discovered that it’s quite a bit of fun to analyze how we (and our friends) play sports games, and how our personal tendencies compare with those of the real-world teams and players we’re emulating.

“Tips” videos tend to be about how to be successful with specific actions. The Film Room aspires to be about the decision-making process at any given time when playing these games; not just learning from success, but doing so from failure as well.

In our first episode, T.J. Lauerman joins Bryan Wiedey to observe and discuss a couple innings from recent Press Row playoff games played in MLB 15: The Show between Bryan and Rich Grisham. Enjoy!