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MLB The Show 16 Battle Royale Drafting in The Film Room

By on @pastapadre

One of the most intriguing new features for MLB The Show 16 is found within Diamond Dynasty mode but doesn’t utilize the team that is being built there. Battle Royale is a draft-style online mode similar in structure to Draft Champions in Madden NFL 16 or FUT Draft in FIFA 16. There is an entry fee in “Stubs” but participants will do no worse than to receive a Standard Pack of cards which can then be put to use with the Diamond Dynasty team and there is the potential to earn much more by going on a win streak.

Featuring a 25 round draft with a set number of picks per “tier” of player, and three inning games that greatly affect how rosters might best be constructed, there are a number of different ways to approach the process. In this episode of The Film Room, Bryan Wiedey (pastapadre) and T.J. Lauerman (ThatSportsGamer) examine two recent drafts and explain the thought process behind the decisions that are made plus some tips and strategies for future drafting.