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MLB The Show 17 – Jim Rice Review

By on @SnaggleJ

The player examined in this week’s MLB The Show 17 Diamond Dynasty Card Review, the 87 Overall Rookie Legend Jim Rice, was requested by @HawkFanTN.

Rice was introduced in MLB 17 during the Common Bronze Event where he was the reward for winning 10 consecutive games.  He is available on the market for anywhere between 15,000 and 21,000 Stubs depending on market conditions at the time.

A quick look at Rice’s attributes reveals a player who excels at hitting lefties and is no slouch against righties. While not terrible his 57 Vision leaves something to be desired. 66 Fielding and 75 Arm Strength are both acceptable but there are better corner OF’s available for those seeking out a defensive option. 61 Speed, while not great, will allow Rice to get that extra base when you really need it.  Overall it’s a nice card and one that many people will have success with.


– Lefty Killer
– No Major Weaknesses


– Too Pricey For The Value
– Better Corner OF Defense Available

The final judgment on Rice is that I cannot recommend picking up the card based solely on the price. A quick search of corner OF’s on the market will yield a number of cards who are very similar to Rice but who carry a more reasonable price tag.  Stanton, Braun, Cruz, Yelich and Brantley all offer something a little different but compare favorably to Rice and can save you anywhere from 2K-10K Stubs. They also carry the benefit of potential positive Inside Edge boosts pushing them into Diamond territory and being able to use them to complete collections and unlock more rewards.

This Jim Rice, while a very nice card, just isn’t worth the Stubs given his upper-teens price. Consideration should be given if he drops to a 10K-12K range.

Make sure you check out my full review video below. If there is a particular card you would like reviewed next make sure to hit me up on Twitter @SnaggleJ.