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So, who’s going to win the World Series?

By on @richgrisham

The MLB playoffs have become one of the most compelling sporting events around, a monthlong grind towards a championship that produces incredible drama, unlikely heroes, and unforgettable moments. The recent inclusion of a one-game wild card round in each league has upped the urgency factor tremendously, and finally given an advantage to the best teams in each league with the ability to set a series rotation and open at home.

Sure, fans of the Pirates and Cubs may not appreciate having to battle each other while the lesser-win Mets and Dodgers get to jump right into a 5-game series, but even with this one-year anomaly, the baseball playoffs are better than they’ve ever been.

Which begs the question – who’s going to win the World Series this year? We asked our contributors.

Who's going to win the World Series?

Rich Grisham

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had the chance to pick my Mets to win a championship, so even though I believe they’re a longshot, I am going to stick with them. After all, the “best” regular season teams rarely win the World Series – it’s always who’s playing best, which is a different beast altogether.

Thanks to the (awesome) wild-card 1-game play-in, there’s more unpredictability than ever in baseball’s playoffs. To win a World Series now, it’s all about getting a few great pitches, a few timely hits, a few key defensive stops, and a few lucky bounces. Here’s hoping that the Mets are this year’s beneficiaries of the largest number of those!

T.J. Lauerman

It’s been over twenty years since Joe Carter touched ’em all and brought the Commissioner’s Trophy to Canada. The 2015 Blue Jays’ offense is over powering and their record at home (53-28) is dominant.

I can see them winning the ALDS 3 games to 1 over the Rangers, needing 6 games to beat the Royals, and using the home field advantage won at the All-Star game to beat the Cardinals in 7.

Pete Skerritt

My “heart” pick is the Chicago Cubs. What a story that would be– and not just because the outcome was foretold decades ago in Back to the Future II. Cubs fans have been suffering long enough. Time to kick the Bartman Curse… and, you know, the team has enough pieces to contend and a manager who can get them there.

But enough emotion.

My “mind” pick is the Toronto Blue Jays. Management made all the right moves near the Trade Deadline, and the team has come together in a big way. Strong pitching, high-octane offense, and confidence to spare likely continue all the way to the finish line… and will give Toronto fans something to be proud of while Mike Babcock and company rebuild the Maple Leafs.

Kahlief Adams

The Mets are going to take it all this year because they have a pitcher named Syndergaard!

It’s like if you had Thor on your baseball team.

Gus Ramsey

I really want to be objective about this. I can’t let my lifelong fandom of the Mets interfere with my sensibilities as a baseball fan to provide the readers here with some actual insight.

So I’ll start by saying I like the Mets to beat the Dodgers but can’t see them winning the whole thing.

Toronto is tough to look past because their offense is amazing, their defense is very good and they have 2 really good starting pitchers in Price and Strohman, but teams generally don’t bash their way to world championships.

I will pick them to win the AL, though.

They will lose to the Cubs.

That’s right, I said it. And frankly, why not? If the Cubs win then I can say “I told you so!” and if they don’t, frankly no one will remember.

Is this objective insight? Not really, but it seems like a good reason.

As for actual reasons, here are a few: Joe Maddon has playoff experience and is basically the Obi Wan of managers. He’ll keep his team in the right frame of mind, handle the distractions and probably win a game or two with his decision making. Their lineup is deep, they have a stud pitcher in Arrieta and another in Lester with tons of playoff success.

Most importantly, as we all know, they have Back to the Future II on their side… This isn’t the Mayans predicting the end of the world here, this is Robert Zemeckis!

And as fate would have it, just as the playoffs are beginning, Zemeckis has a film out about a once in a lifetime, unpredictable high wire act.

Sounds like winning the World Series this year is the Cubs density.

Greg Sewart

Anyone but the Jays. And I only say that because I’m superstitious and don’t want to jinx them.

Bryan Wiedey

I don’t really have a rooting interest here, except maybe against some of the teams in the field.

The Blue Jays would seem to be the favorite, and they’re the team that first came to mind. I would not be surprised though to see either of the NL Wild Card teams get to the World Series and win it.

It’s critically important to remember that Back to the Future II predicted a Cubs win this very year all the way back in 1989. There’s no way I’d bet against that, or anything found in Grays Sports Almanac.