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Steph Curry’s range has been extended in NBA 2K16

By on @pastapadre

The difficulty over how to represent Stephen Curry in the NBA 2K series was something discussed with developers on an episode of the Press Row Podcast. While the idea of a special “Badge” for Curry that would give him capabilities no one else had in the game was raised as a possible solution that hasn’t come about (yet at least) but Curry’s unbelievable shooting skills have in fact been enhanced in NBA 2K16.

In the patch that went out earlier this month Curry “got some love with his range and off-dribble shooting.” In testing with the most ideal conditions – in the gym all alone – Curry can now make closer to 30% of shots at 35 feet to mid-court. That’s compared to what was practically 0% in the past despite having the 99 ratings in both Standing and Moving 3PT attributes.

That would seem to be a fair percentage of success on those shots even if it isn’t necessarily realistic to the much higher percentage he’s shot this season from absurdly long┬ádistance. The next thing to assess will be whether he can knock down those shots in game conditions where defenders are around and fatigue plays a role.

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