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By on @pastapadre

Welcome to the Highlight Room, a weekly countdown of the best, worst, and most amusing plays from our favorite sports video games. This will be a regular feature on the site starting later this summer, and there will even be prizes given to the person who submitted the best one each week as determined by community vote.

The Highlight Room features GIFs and Vines from the Hit The Pass contributors and community. Our premier edition is made up primarily of site contributors, but going forward expect more of a mix; we anticipate a shift towards community-submitted highlights as Hit The Pass grows.

Making GIFs and Vines out of gaming footage is shockingly easy these days, and are much more friendly to view than individual videos. I put together a walkthrough of how to do it here.

Send us your highlights via Twitter to @HitThePass or @Pastapadre, and it may show up in the next countdown!

#10 – Submitted by @ThatSportsGamer – Good job, good effort

#9 – Submitted by @Pastapadre – Nelson Cruz nearly hits one out of Safeco
#8 – Submitted by @ThatSportsGamer – Kris Bryant go-ahead home run in extras

#7 – Submitted by @Pastapadre – Fancy footwork

#6 – Submitted by @Jerkfacefave – Web Gem

#5 – Submitted by @Pastapadre – Diving catch by Nelson Cruz

#4 – Submitted by @Jerkfacefave – First baseman laying out for one

#3 – Submitted by @Pastapadre – Ending Gus Ramsey’s run at a perfect season in week 16
#2 – Submitted by @ThatSportsGamer – Don’t test Bryce Harper’s arm

#1 – Submitted by @AndrewSvrcek – Chase Utley hits 5 home runs in a game