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The new Prime Flashback Cards in MLB The Show 16 Diamond Dynasty this week

By on @pastapadre

This weekend’s special pack for MLB The Show 16 is called ‘Defense Wins Championships’ and goes for 3,000 Stubs. It includes six player cards with three of the league’s best defensive players and the “increased chance” of getting Golds or Diamonds.

More interesting though is the highly-desirable crop of new Flashback cards introduced to Diamond Dynasty and a new Mission. The Prime Carlos Gonzalez ties into a Mission that begins with his Rookie Flashback card which as of right now can only be found in packs:

Mission I
Discovery – Acquire Rookie Carlos Gonzalez
Complete – Tally 80 hits with Rookie Carlos Gonzalez

Mission II
Discovery – Complete Mission I
Complete – Evolve Carlos Gonzalez by feeding outfielders to your DD player (LF, CF, RF)

Mission III
Discovery – Complete Mission II
Complete – Lock Rookie Carlos Gonzalez to your collection to receive Prime Carlos Gonzalez

Added to the player pool today:

Prime: Felix Hernandez, SP, Mariners, 97 Overall Rating
Current marketplace price: 300,000 Stubs


Prime: Carlos Gonzalez, OF, Rockies, 97 Overall Rating
Current marketplace price: N/A


Prime: Fernando Rodney, CP, Rays, 92 Overall Rating
Current marketplace price: 49,000 Stubs


Prime: Martin Prado, 2B, Braves, 87 Overall Rating
Current marketplace price: 15,000 Stubs


Prime: Franklin Guiterrez, OF, Mariners, 84 Overall Rating
Current marketplace price: 1,200 Stubs


Prime: Rex Brothers, CP, Rockies, 79 Overall Rating
Current marketplace price: 1,400 Stubs


Rookie: Carlos Gonzalez, OF, Athletics, 79 Overall Rating
Current marketplace price: N/A


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