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What do E3 trailer views say about upcoming EA Sports games?

By on @pastapadre

Actual hard data on sports video game sales has become nearly impossible to uncover, as companies like Electronic Arts, Take Two Interactive, and SCEA choose to disclose partial data in investor calls – and, seemingly, only the data that is beneficial to do so. While we know general quantitative information about each respective game – such as sales rankings from the research firm NPD – any real trends are often hidden or left ambiguous.

With that in mind, one resource that does offer legitimate numbers to the public is Youtube. E3 represents the height of anticipation for many of the upcoming sports games, as EA Sports (and sometimes others) give them their grand debut. Last week EA rolled out new trailers for Madden NFL 16, FIFA 16, NBA Live 16, and NHL 16. What do the viewership numbers from this year, compared to recent years, suggest about interest levels and their sales potential?