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Getting better at NBA 2K16: Da Czar teaches Low Post Fundamentals

By on @richgrisham

NBA 2K16 is deep, loaded with all sorts of nifty little ways to play. Take the low post as an example; with just a few bits of knowledge, you can turn your big guy from a lunkheaded caveman, aimlessly missing contested layups, into a renaissance performer. It’s not difficult to back down your opponent, fake left or right, then properly go for a hook shot or a jumper – you just need to know how to execute those moves.

With the latest video in of our series with NBA 2K16 developer Nino “Da Czar” Samuel, our favorite hoops junkie walks Rich through a few simple, yet crucial, ways to dominate in the paint. As always, if you’re a 2K player (or are ever going to be one) then this is required viewing.

If you missed our earlier video about simple tips running the pick and roll, be sure to check it out here as well!