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By on @pastapadre

Welcome back to The Highlight Room, where the best user-submitted sports gaming highlights will be showcased on a semi-regular basis. If you missed earlier editions of The Highlight Room make sure to check them out: 1st Week2nd Week.

For those looking for assistance in creating GIF or Vine highlights we’ve laid out a walkthrough of the process here. You can now submit your highlights in the form on the bottom of the page!

The user who submits the highlight that collects the most votes over the following week will be awarded a $5 Amazon Gift Card. Hit The Pass contributors are not eligible for the prize – it’ll always go to the highest voted community member. Congrats to last week’s winner jsherm23!

10Last gasp epic save

Submitted by vonmuff

9No look shot

Submitted by jsherm23

8Short-handed EASHL goal

Submitted by pastapadre

7Questionable goalkeeping

Submitted by jsherm23

6Stick deflection score in EASHL beta

Submitted by pastapadre

5Sealing the World Series victory

Submitted by ThatSportsGamer

4Falcao 35 yard lob

Submitted by vonmuff

3Soaring, majestic goal

Submitted by atPeteDodd

2Back-to-back epic saves, and the savior

Submitted by Pastapadre

1Walk-off aerial goal with no time remaining

Submitted by raincitygamers

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